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Carotid or vertebral artery stenting for the treatment of carotid or vertebral stenosis is now available at St. Mary’s Hospital. This procedure is currently an alternative to endarterectomy or sugical bypass only in specific situations. These include:

  • Post endarterectomy re-stenosis
  • Difficult surgical access due to high or low carotid bifurcation
  • Vasculitis related stenosis (e.g. fibromuscular dysplasia, other arteritis)
  • Radiation induced stenosis / vasculitis

Patients who are candidates must have appropriate consultation with the radiologist prior to any procedure. Appropriate indications, risks and outcomes should be discussed.

Vertebral stenting can also be performed when stenosis, narrowing or unstable plaque is causing vertebrobasilar syndrome. Vertebral artery stenting would usually be considered after standard medical management is not successful. The procedure should be proceeded by appropriate angiography or MRI studies to assess the hemodynamics within the brain.

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Red arrowhead indicates high grade stenosis, at previous endarterectomy site, right distal common carotid artery and bifurcation.

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Red arrowhead indicates excellent result after carotid stenting.

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Severe ulcerated narrowing of left vertebral artery indicated by arrowhead in a patient with bilateral upper and lower extremity numbness and elevated sedimentation rate.

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Excellent result post stent placement (arrowhead). Improved intracerebral flow also confirmed.

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