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PET Imaging Arrives

"Now available at the Dean Clinic, Monroe Clinic and Upland Hills Health, positron emission tomography (PET scanning) has exploded into the medical imaging arena. Because PET differs from other imaging modalities by imaging differing levels of metabolic function, PET has the ability to specifically distinguish normal from abnormal tissue. PET particularly excels in the fields of oncology (cancer), neurology and cardiology..."

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Multi-Detector Row CT Enhances Diagnosis

"Recently installed CT scanners at St. Mary’s Hospital, Upland Hills Health, and Stoughton Hospital offer a new, improved generation of diagnostic capability. Shorter scan times afforded by these new scanners allow higher resolution, thinner sections and other new applications due to this speed.

"These scanners change the way physicians look at scans. Rather than just a series of cross sectional images through the body part, a volume of data is obtained, allowing mulitplanar and a variety of 3-D manipulations of the data, resulting in improved imaging quality..."

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24/7 Teleradiology Coverage Into The 21st Century

Madison Radiologists, S.C. updates our 24X7, 365 day teleradiology system with Amicas web based PACS. This dedicated high speed teleradiology network allows near instantaneous consultation and interpretation of all types of radiological examinations from our nine hospital based practice sites. Referring physicians, patients and hospitals reap the benefits of timely subspecialty radiological care any time of the day, 365 days per year.

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