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Comprehensive health care for women increasingly involves medical imaging. In order to provide the highest quality care, dedicated medical professionals need to integrate their levels of expertise to produce the best outcome for women. At Madison Radiologists we work closely with pathologists, surgeons, gynecologists and general practitioners to integrate our levels of expertise in order to provide the best outcomes for women.

A successful example of this is our core breast biopsy program. Working together with surgeons, pathologists, and oncologists, Madison Radiologists has spearheaded an integrated, team approach to the management of breast disease. The resultant dialog between the various sub-specialists has resulted in high quality breast care and management. The success of this program has led to similar integrated approaches in the management of breast cancer, screening and sentinel node biopsy.

The special challenges unique to women’s imaging go beyond breast imaging and include imaging of the reproductive organs (uterus and ovaries), infertility, the fetus, gynecological cancers and osteoporosis. Also, it is important not to ignore diseases thought not to be classical for women such as cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke).

Women’s imaging constitutes an important subsection of our practice at Madison Radiologists for which we take great pride and special care. This means that in addition to providing high quality professional interpretation and procedural skills, we understand the importance of other issues that may accompany some of these procedures. Therefore, we attempt to adapt our schedules to minimize waiting times for procedures so that anxiety can be minimized. We train our technical staff to be courteous and helpful. Finally, we make ourselves available to discuss any special concerns of patients at the time of the procedure.

We hope our philosophy of prioritizing women’s health needs, advocating for our patients and emphasizing an integrated health team approach results in the highest quality health care for our patients.

Breast Sentinel Node Mapping
Allows less extensive lymph gland removal during surgery for breast cancer

Core Biopsy
Stereotactic and ultrasound guided needle biopsy of the breast as an alternative to open surgical biopsy - Our experience at Dean - St. Mary's

Screening Mammography
Mammography saves lives: Current recommendations, questions and controversies

Breast Ultrasound
Breast ultrasound plays important role in distinguishing benign from possible cancerous lesions

Breast MRI
A useful tool in staging and workup in special circumstances. Potential help for women at high risk for breast cancer

Procedure to evaluate cause of nipple discharge

Uterine Artery Embolization
A non-surgical alternative to hysterectomy for the treatment of fibroid tumors of the uterus

MRI of the Pelvis
The role of MRI in benign and malignant disease of the uterus, cervix and ovaries