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Madison Radiologists provides a full spectrum of diagnostic and interventional neuroradiologic procedures. Specialty diagnostic services are led by a team of fellowship trained neuroradiologists: John Kozarek M.D., Sally McKinnon M.D., and Richard Baker M.D..

Our neuroradiologists are available for consultation on site or through our teleradiology system, allowing expert evaluation of complex cases.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic services include CT, MRI, MR angiography, MR spectroscopy, myelography, discography, carotid and cerebral angiography.

Spinal Injection Procedures

A full range of spinal injection procedures are available to treat lumbar disc disease, and spinal stenosis. Additionally, nerve block, facet and S.I. joint (sacroiliac joint) injections can be performed.

Neurointerventional Service

A neurointerventional section providing carotid stenting, neuroembolization, transcatheter treatment of cerebral aneurysms, and vertebroplasty for treatment of painful spinal compression fractures.

Case Examples

Diffusion weighted MR image demonstrates small, acute stroke (arrowhead) in internal capsule – thalamic junction. Diffusion MRI can image strokes with a high degree of specificity within 2-4 hours of stroke onset by detecting decreased microscopic water motion in the swollen, infarcted (stroked) brain tissue.

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Coronal T-2 weighted MR image (below), demonsrates aneurysm (arrowhead) of anterior communicating artery. MR angiogram (above) demonstrates the same aneurysm (arrowhead) and its relationship to surrounding vessels in the brain.

Normal sagittal T-2 weighted MR image of the thoracic spine.

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Cerebral angiogram.

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Volume rendered 3-D MR-angiogram with I.V. gadolinium demonstrates internal carotid artery stenosis and ulcerated plaque. Demonstration of such ulceration is important since these plaques may be more prone to act as a source for a stroke. Improvements in the quality of MR angiography such as this allows surgical planning without more invasive catheter angiography in most situations.

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Axial CT image demonstrates brain tumor (asterisk), causing blockage of the fluid structures (ventricles) in the brain (arrowheads). This tumor was identified using teleradiology in the middle of the night, allowing prompt patient transfer to St. Mary’s and surgery within hours.

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Sagittal T-2 weighted MR image of the lumbar spine demonstrates disc herniation at L4-5 (asterisk).

T-2 weighted MR image demonstrates brainstem lesion (in box).

Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
Method to treat painful spinal compression fractures

Carotid and Vertebral Artery Stenting
A new technique as an alternative to surgical endarterectomy in specific circumstances

Aneurysm Coiling
Alternative to surgical treatment of cerebral aneurysms in specific circumstances